Gorgeous Steelcase Answer 7x7 Beautiful wood accents and frosted window panels.  

New Arrivals.  Knoll Morrison 84H to 66" drop down.

Create a private 8 person office space with door in a large open room.

More affordable than building offices!  Loaded with storage.  Clean with neutral colors.

New Arrivals.  Steelcase Answer.  Various sizes including 6x8 and 4x5

Awesome storage.  Clean with neutral colors

"homemade" benching stations comprised of low panels.  Great for paperless jobs!

Workstations/Cubicles and Modular 

Knoll Reff    Perfect mid height.    Many sizes available.   All fabric or a mix of fabric and wood panels.    SUPER AFFORDABLE! 

Herman Miller 48" high telemarketing stations.  Cherry surfaces

Sold in packs

New Benching stations for all budgets.    Looks Awesome! 

Best sold in sets of 10 or more.

Many reasonably priced cubicles in small quantities.

Showroom location:    620 Park Way,  Broomall PA Please call for todays showroom hours

Steelcase Answer 65" high neutral beige

 Several different sizes and heights available.